How does Seattle differentiate tribal people from White people?

QuestionsHow does Seattle differentiate tribal people from White people?
chandrani singh asked 2 years ago

Finally, the Chief says “We are two distinct races with separate origins and separate destinies”. Give examples to prove this statement.

Or, How does the speaker differentiate his tribe from the white people?

Or, Why can’t the red children and white children become brothers?

Or, Describe the clash of civilization between the Red Indians and the White people.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

In Chief Seattle’s speech of 1854, he states that the American white people and the tribal Red Indians are two distinct races. Seattle himself gives examples to prove his statement.

The native Red people of America live closer to Nature than the white people. They love the beautiful aspects of nature and understand the importance of maintaining it.

To the tribal people, the ashes of their ancestors are sacred and they visit their resting ground to show their respect for those. But, as Seattle complains, the white people have no feelings for their ancestors. They wander far from their graves without any regret.

Again, the white people don’t seem

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to love this world any more after they die. So they never visit their people and places again. But, the tribal people never forget “this beautiful world that gave them being” and continue to visit their loved ones to guide, console and comfort them.

As for destinies, the white people have received all the love and care of God. The tribal people have been deprived of the love, guidance and protection of God and finally come to their meager existence.

So, there is very little in common between the two races. That is why Seattle feels that they cannot be brothers.

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Skv answered 9 months ago

According to Seattle the red indians love the nature which gave them being and their ancestors are kept in high esteemed positions but white people have no feeling for the nature and they wander away from their ancestors.
white people’s religion is in scripted whereas the red indians’ religion is the dreams of their ancestors…

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Annie S Rosebin answered 9 months ago

Chief Seattle’s speech, January 1854, is an eloquent statement of his belief in man’s sacred relationship with the mother earth. The great chief in Washington wanted to buy the land of the red men. He promised to give a reserved place for the red men to live comfortably among themselves. But chief Seattle, the leader of the tribes, said in his speech that is was not easy for his men to part with their land. All the living creatures on the earth are sacred to them. They are part of the earth and it is part of them.

Chief Seattle says that their land is filled with the memories of their ancestors (dead). Every part of nature reminds them of the their forefathers. They treat each part of earth to be sacred. The water in the rivers and the streams is important to them as well. So the chief says that the water in the rivers are not just water but the blood of their ancestors. The clear water of the lakes tells them of events and memories in the life of their people.

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Zul answered 5 months ago

Chief Seattle says that both the white men and red men are two distinctive races. He says that white people seem to forget their ancestors and live far from them, whereas for red man the ashes of their ancestors are sacred and customs, rituals followed by their ancestors is their religion. Chief Seattle also distinguishes their god with his. White men’s god seems to love them and hold their hand as a father holds his son’s, but there is no one to help the red people. They seem to be orphans. “How can we be both brothers?” says Chief Seattle indicating to the wide difference between them.

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