How does Chief Seattle prepare his people for their decay?

QuestionsHow does Chief Seattle prepare his people for their decay?
Neeraj arora asked 7 years ago

In what way does Chief Seattle make the Red Indians prepared for their doom in his speech?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Chief Seattle’s famous speech of 1854 has been a documentation on the decay of the Red Indians. He has described how the tribal people used to fill the vast native land once upon a time and how contrasting their present situation is: “…but that time long since passed away with the greatness of tribes that are now but a mournful memory”. May be he wanted to give them some strength by reminding them their glorious past. He not only blames the white people’s ambition to make their way into the tribal native land, but also the impulsive nature of his own people for their impending doom. Then, the Chief mentions it as a common destiny for all in this world to make his people mentally prepared for their doom. He tries to soothe them by asking to accept their fate. He assures, no one will be spared from the hands of time, death and decay.

Moreover, he gives his people the courage by saying that Death is only a change of worlds and dead people are not powerless. When the Red Indians die, they do not go anywhere else but roam about in the surrounding of his world where they once lived. Thus Chief Seattle not only gives the White people a stern message, but also prepares his own people for their decay.

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