Explain the ‘COMMON DESTINY’ between Red Indian and White people according to Seattle.

QuestionsExplain the ‘COMMON DESTINY’ between Red Indian and White people according to Seattle.
shanu asked 7 years ago

What is ‘the common destiny’ between the tribal people and the white people that Seattle speaks about in his speech delivered in Washington in 1854? (Chief Seattle’s Speech)

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Staff answered 7 years ago

“The common destiny” as Chief Seattle calls it in his speech is the way everything is decayed with time. As he rightly says, “Tribe follows tribe, nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea”. It is the order of nature that everything will see decline sooner or later. As the Red tribal people of America have been reduced to their meager existence, the White people will see the same fate, whatever distant it may be. Though God has favoured the white people more than the tribal people, they cannot be exempt from the common destiny of decay and doom.

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Piasee answered 5 years ago

It is familiar to us that death is an inevitable part of our life. If a person is born he has to die. This is the law of nature and no one can change it. Same is in the case of red Indians and the Whites. Be it anyone all have to die. This consequence of death is regarded by Chief Seattle as common destiny.

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Jebin Abraham answered 5 years ago

The common destiny between the Red tribals and the White Americans are that they will see decline sooner or later in their life. Nature has its say on everyone.

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