The Angel in Abou Ben Adhem Leigh Hunt

Abou Ben Adhem

by Leigh Hunt

Abou Ben Adhem Questions and Answers

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What does Abou curiously want to know from the angel in Leigh Hunt’s poem ‘Abou Ben Adhem’? Why does he speak more low thereafter?

Last updated July 15, 2019

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What do you think made Abou Ben Adhem bold in Leigh Hunt’s poem with the same title?

Last updated July 15, 2019

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What makes the poem ‘Abou Ben Adhem’ by Leigh Hunt seem as if it belonged to the realm of supernatural?

Last updated February 17, 2019

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What in Leigh Hunt’s poem “About Ben Adhem” has appealed to you most?

Last updated February 15, 2019

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Describe the second vision of Abou in Leigh Hunt’s poem “Abou Ben Adhem”.

Last updated September 23, 2018

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What are the Poetic Devices / Figures of Speech used in the poem “Abou Ben Adhem” by Leigh Hunt?

Last updated June 7, 2018

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Do you think that Leigh Hunt’s poem ‘Abou Ben Adhem’ is relevant in the modern world? How?

Last updated April 18, 2018

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abou ben adhem / leigh hunt

Last updated January 31, 2018

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In the poem Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt, the poet says “Abou spoke more low, / But cheerily still;”. Explain what he means by ‘more low’.

Last updated August 22, 2017

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Why does Abou use the pronouns ‘thou’ and ‘thee’ instead of ‘you’ to address the angel in the poem Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt?

Last updated July 30, 2017

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