Briefly describe the second vision of Abou Ben Adhem.

QuestionsBriefly describe the second vision of Abou Ben Adhem.
amit asked 6 years ago

Describe the second vision of Abou in Leigh Hunt’s poem “Abou Ben Adhem”.

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2 Answers
Staff answered 6 years ago

When Abou Ben Adhem encountered the angel in his second vision, it came with great wakening light. It showed Abou the list of the names whom God has blessed for their love of God. But to his great surprise, Abou saw that his name led all the rest. God had placed him at the top for his love for the fellow men.

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Sameena firdouse answered 6 years ago

Abu Ben Adhem after listening to the angel cheerfully said “write me as the one who loves his fellow men”. The angel wrote his name and vanished and THE NEXT DAY the angel appeared again with GREAT AWAKEING LIGHT, and showed the names of whom love of god had blessed. Abou’s name was the first.

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