What is being referred to as ‘shining loads’? Who all are its prospective buyers?

QuestionsWhat is being referred to as ‘shining loads’? Who all are its prospective buyers?
lipipuspa guin asked 3 years ago

In the poem The Bangle Sellers written by Sarojini Naidu, what is the ‘shining loads’ and who are the potential buyers according to the poet?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

In Naidu’s poem ‘Shining loads’ refer to the loads of colourful bangles that the bangle sellers are carrying to the temple fair.

People with happy wives and happy daughters are the prospective buyers.

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Smruneel answered 2 years ago

The bangles are being referred to as shining loads in the poem. Women of all ages are the buyers of the bangles.

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Mahek Shah answered 1 year ago

Bangles are considered as shining loads carried to the temple fair because it encompasses the whole life of a women right from her maidenhood to an excited bride and finally to matured matriarch.

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Ayusman answered 1 year ago

The phrase ‘our shining load’ refers to the bangle sellers who carry on their head bangles enriched with different colours.

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Mahek answered 6 months ago

The bangles are being referred as the “shining loads “.

Happy daughters and happy wives are its prospective buyers.

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ROHAN answered 5 months ago

Shining loads refer to colourful bangles that were brought by bangle sellers to temple fair.

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