Explain the line: worships the gods at her husband’s side

QuestionsExplain the line: worships the gods at her husband’s side
AMISHA SHARMA asked 7 years ago

Explain the last line of the poem ‘The Bangle Sellers’ by Sarojini Naidu. What is the significance of this line? Or, What is the significance of the woman’s presence by her husband’s side during worship?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘The Bangle Sellers’ describes the stages of woman life in a typical Indian society and the colourful bangles which are suited for each stage. In that context the line occurs at the very end of the poem to hint at the middle aged women who are concerned with their household and prays to the gods with her husband for the good of her family.

In the Hindu society, it is believed to be very important for a couple to pray jointly to obtain the blessings of God. Praying together leads to the activation of frequencies of Divine Energy from the Universe. It results in the fulfilment of every deed in the household stage and yields the desired fruit. So, this line signifies the religious belief and tradition of the society.

It also represents what women are all about, or at least, what they are expected to be in a stereotypical Indian society. Women are considered as the pillar of a family. She takes care of everyone and almost everything in the family. Her only wish is the well-being of her family. This also signifies her respect for the cultural tradition of the society. Some modern readers take it otherwise though. They feel that the poem is typecasting the Indian women in limiting them to the traditional roles bound by the society norms.

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