What role do the bangle sellers play in a traditional Indian set-up?

QuestionsWhat role do the bangle sellers play in a traditional Indian set-up?
Shrut Sureja asked 7 years ago

In the poem The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu, what role do the bangle sellers play in the society?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The poet Sarojini Naidu always hails the cultural tradition of the Indian society in her poems. In her “The Bangle Sellers” she attempts to represent this tradition by depicting how the bangle sellers sell their colourful bangles in the village and temple fairs. These sellers not only sell bangles but also happiness. The poet calls the bangles ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives / for happy daughters and happy wives”. Wearing bangles are symbolic of the well-being and happiness of a family in a typical Indian society. So, these sellers not only helps preserve the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of the society, but also plays a role in bringing happiness to the minds of people.

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Mahek answered 4 years ago

Bangle sellers bring happiness to the lives of maidens, bride and middle aged women.

They carry the loads (bangles) to the temple fair not only for selling and getting money but they bring a smile on the face of people.

They preserve the typical Indian culture, also describes the bangles as shining, tinkling, lustrous tokens of radiant lives etc.

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