Why are the bangles called ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives’?

QuestionsWhy are the bangles called ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives’?
Avi asked 2 years ago

In the poem The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu, why does the sellers call bangles ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives’? Or, What do the bangles symbolize?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

In Naidu’s poem ‘The Bangle Sellers’  bangles are called ‘lustrous tokens of radiant lives’ (bright symbols of shining lives). So these bangles symbolize ‘radiant lives’ — lives full of joy and happiness. Colourful Bangles are generally worn by ‘happy daughters and happy wives’ to adorn themselves to mark any special occasion or just to express their happiness. People go to fairs and buy bangles for the female members in the family. In the poem the poet has depicted how the vibrancy and various colours of bangles match the feelings and emotions of a maiden, bride or a middle-aged woman.

Bangles are directly related to the well-being of a family and cultural tradition of a typical Indian society. The bangle sellers who sell those bangles thus play an important role in spreading happiness in a traditional Indian set up.

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Anwesha Banerjee answered 2 years ago

In the poem “Bangle Seller” by Sarojini Naidu , bangles are called as “lustrous tokens of radiant lives” because the multihued bangles are symbolic of bright and happy lives of “happy daughters and happy wives”.Each stage of an Indian woman’s life is described according to the colour of bangles suitable at that stage from a dreamy maiden to an excited bride and finally to a mature matriarch.

The different coloured bangles symbolise the different stages in a woman’s life as a young maiden, a bride, as a middle aged matron and as an old woman. For example blue and silver bangles represent the mountain of the mist which symbolises the freshness and beauty of young maidens, sunlit and gold signify happiness and brightness , grey signify  maturity that comes with age and purple signify loyalty and pale colour signify glory….

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Krithika answered 2 years ago

Lustrous tokens means bright symbols

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Nilachal Roy answered 2 years ago

Bangles are an integral part of our village folk lore. The different hue of colourful bangles makes the lives of rural women full of joy. They have limited exposure to the outside world and these bangle sellers are the harbinger of ecstasy to them. Colours have an innate charm that refresh our lives from monotonous life. Women, in their search of joy, find in these bangles a radiant source of joy.

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Varad answered 2 years ago

Bangles are lustrous tokens of radiant lives because it means that it is bright symbol of happy lives. Bangles are worn by happy daughters and happy wives.

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Abhash Raj answered 5 months ago

The bangles are called lustrous tokens of radiant lives because they are meant for happy daughter and happy wives. It express the happiness of daughter at young age . Also it shows the joy that a married woman has in her marital life .

Thus, the poet tries to convey the happiness of daughter and women through gleaming bangles.

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Abhay Chopra answered 4 months ago

The bangles are called ‘lustrous token of radiant lives’ because the bangles indicate lives full of joy and happiness. Colourful bangles are worn by daughter and wives to mark any occasion as marriage or festival. The ladies go to the fair to buy bangles.

The poet also describes different colour bangles for different age groups.

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