What is most striking about the poem “The Bangle Sellers”?

QuestionsWhat is most striking about the poem “The Bangle Sellers”?
kamlesh kumar singh asked 6 years ago

What, according to you, is the most striking thing about the poem “The Bangle Sellers” by Sarojini Naidu?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

It definitely varies when it comes to what one finds to be the most striking element in a literary piece. But, I find it the most striking the way the poetess Sarojini Naidu presents something more significant in what primarily appears to be concerned about a trifle subject like mere bangles. 
Though the title of the poem “The Bangle Sellers” suggests that it is a song of some bangle sellers who are trying to attract buyers for their bangles, it has actually been a clear depiction of the cultural tradition in a typical Indian society of her time and especially of how women are involved and the roles played by them in the society at various stages of their lives.
Another striking thing in the poem is the poet’s ability to find out and match the characteristic aspects of every stage in a woman’s life with the respective natural objects and elements that bear the similar quality. The way she compares a girl’s modesty with the mountain mist and the buds, or the bride’s emotions and desires with the flame of her marriage fire draws our attention.
The poem not only suggests more than what the mere words tell, but also is a great example of musical excellence.

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