Theme of environmental awareness in The Heart of the Tree

QuestionsTheme of environmental awareness in The Heart of the Tree
prabhneet kaur asked 7 years ago

Discuss THE HEART OF THE TREE by HENRY CUYLER BUNNER as an appeal to the readers to plant more tree, when he sees the impending doom of the Environment. Or, Discuss the theme of environmental awareness in Bunner’s poem The heart of the Tree.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Henry Bunner’s poem The Heart of the Tree is undoubtedly a wake-up call for the human race in the wake of the growing environmental pollution and global warming of late. The poem is very relevant in an age when rapid and reckless development and urbanisation are taking their toll on the Environment.

The ever-growing pollution of the environment is causing a lot of new ailments and disorders in the human body including nasal and lung problems. In places, rapid deforestation is threatening to bring consequences like desertification and weather change. That further brings complication to overall human lifestyle. Moreover, many species of birds, insects and animals are on the verge of extinction. That would have certain consequences on the ecological balance of the environment.  Global warming in the recent decades has probably been the most dreaded environmental change so far. It is threatening to raise the sea-water level and even some cities may finally go under water. All these may well lead to a premature doom of humankind.

It can therefore be truly said the poet sees this impending destruction of the world and the human race if some immediate steps are not taken to save Nature. And this poem is his voice for raising an appeal to plant more and more trees, as only trees can save the world from this probable calamity.

Henry Bunner’s poem truly motivates people in plantation as it chooses to show the greatness of the man who plants a tree rather than just saying the usefulness of trees. Bunner hails that man by saying that the man not only plants a tree but also beautifies the surroundings, gives home to birds and animals, brings rains and cool shade, helps the future generations by planting their harvest and a forest’s heritage, shows his love and blessings for his neighbours as well as his civic sense, and most importantly helps in the nation’s growth.

The joy that unborn eyes shall see —
These things he plants who plant a tree.

A nation’s growth from see to see
Stirs in his heart who plants a tree.

Thus, the poet goes on to highlight the theme of environmental awareness and appeals people to plant more trees in a brilliant way through his poem.

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