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Which line has been repeated in the poem The Heart of the Tree and why?

QuestionsWhich line has been repeated in the poem The Heart of the Tree and why?
shanu asked 3 years ago

Mention the recurring lines in the poem The Heart of the Tree written by Henry Cuyler Bunner. Why do you think has the poet repeated them?

3 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

The opening and the closing lines of the first stanza of the poem have been repeated. While the opening line “What does he plant who plants a tree?” comes thrice in the poem, the stanza-closing “These things he plants who plants a tree.” occurs twice. 
These recurring lines help each stanza to form a logical whole, with one asking a question and the other summing up the answer. In between goes the poet’s reply to the initial question regarding the greatness of a man who plants a tree. With these repetitions the poem has only been more concrete and easier to understand.

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ASHNOOR KAUR PUREWAL answered 1 year ago

The line What does he plant who plants a tree is repeated thrice because when we hear something repeatedly it strikes our mind again and again and hence gets registered in our mind.

This line makes us aware of various benefits of tree planting.

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Aditi answered 11 months ago

It is repeated to grab the reader’s attention.

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