In what sense does a tree planter do civic good?

QuestionsIn what sense does a tree planter do civic good?
Madhuri Singh asked 7 years ago

Explain “far-cast thought of civic good” in the poem “The heart of the tree” by Henry Cuyler Bunner.

Or, How does the poet justify that trees contribute in a great way to the civic good?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

A man who plants a tree directly or indirectly helps many people in the neighbourhood in many ways to live a better life on earth including helping them with oxygen, cool shade, rain and a greener and cleaner surrounding. He also helps the future generations by planting a “forest’s heritage” and “harvest of a coming age”. Thus he performs his duty towards society by planting a tree. Moreover, plantation is a symbolic act of goodness which alone can generate many other acts of goodness. So, the attitude of the entire society would change to a positive and helpful one. It leads to the nation’s growth in the long term. That is why the poet opines that a tree planter does it “from far-cast thought of civic good”.

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