How is the poem ‘After Blenheim’ relevant in our times?

QuestionsHow is the poem ‘After Blenheim’ relevant in our times?
Deep asked 7 years ago

Discuss the relevance of the poem ‘After Blenheim’ by Robert Southey in our times.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Southey’s poem ‘After Blenheim’ is an anti-war poem. Through this poem the poet has ironically exposed the common people’s beliefs and heroic ideals regarding war.The poet has expressed his disapproval of war by depicting the destruction that war can cause. The poet wants to emphasize that wars are senseless, futile and evil, and that in war there is no real winners — everybody ending up being a loser.
In the twenty first century, the entire world is war-ridden and poverty stricken. Thousands of killings are being reported every single day throughout the world. So, in today’s world the anti-war poems can enlighten our minds to crave for a peaceful world. Literary pieces like these are wake-up calls to seek peaceful solutions to all conflicts. Thus, this poem is very much relevant in our times.

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Anuska answered 3 years ago

War causes only death and destruction with no profitable outcomes. War is just a game of enjoyment between two great powers in which countless innocent people lose their lives. In the present world where growth and development is the main motive a war can push back the developments along with the time.

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