What ‘thing’ according to Wilhelmine was wicked? Do you agree with her?

QuestionsWhat ‘thing’ according to Wilhelmine was wicked? Do you agree with her?
Priya ray asked 4 years ago

“Why, ’twas a wicked thing!” — What was the ‘wicked thing’? Do you agree with the speaker in the poem ‘After Blenheim’?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 4 years ago

According to Wilhelmine, the war, the Battle of Blenheim was the ‘wicked thing’.
Actually there cannot be a second opinion that war is good for nothing. It cannot make anything but break everything. Warmongers, a class of greedy and power-hungry people have created and indoctrinated the propaganda of patriotism and heroism in war. They have made wars look not only valid but also ‘famous’ and ‘great’. But the children are innocent. Their thought process is still not affected by those propaganda. That is why Wilhelmine finds it a ‘wicked thing’. And, of course, I agree to her comment on war.

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Pallavi answered 4 years ago

The Wicked thing was the furious battle of Blenheim.
It is so called as The Wicked thing because it causes almost all the strange and unacceptable thing which are fatal, furious and wicked.

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