Justify the title of the poem ‘After Blenheim’.

QuestionsJustify the title of the poem ‘After Blenheim’.
Ankur Pal asked 11 months ago

Comment on the appropriateness of the title of the poem ‘After Blenheim’ by Robert Southey.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 11 months ago

The title of the poem ‘After Blenheim’ refers to the Battle of Blenheim. In fact, the poem presents a conversation between an old man Kaspar and his two grandchildren in a place where many skulls are found here and there. This is the place where once the ‘famous’ battle was fought. Through the conversation, the poet also brings forth the destruction and the loss of lives the battle caused. But still, Kaspar, as a representative of the common mass, holds his idea of a ‘famous’ and ‘great’ victory by the English army. 
So, the title may be the poet’s indication that even after such destructive consequences of the Battle of Blenheim, common people are not wise enough to talk against war; they still hold the propaganda indoctrinated by the warmongers. The poem, thus, delivers a strong message against war and at the same time a regret for the common people’s misconception regarding war. The title is thus appropriate for this subtle indication, or at least for its thematic relevance.

sukanya answered 11 months ago

The title of the  poem is very appropriate as the poet discusses the after-effect of the battle fought at a small village Blenheim between the French and the English.

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