How does Kaspar’s suffering in Blenheim affect his view of war?

QuestionsHow does Kaspar’s suffering in Blenheim affect his view of war?
Amish Agarwal asked 6 years ago

What did Kaspar and his family have to suffer for the ‘famous victory’? How did it affect Kaspar’s thinking about war? [Poem ‘After Blenheim’ by Robert Southey.]

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Staff answered 6 years ago

In the seventh stanza of the poem ‘After Blenheim’, Kaspar narrates what happened to his family during the Battle of Blenheim. 

“My father lived at Blenheim then,
Yon little stream hard by;
They burnt his dwelling to the ground,
And he was forced to fly;
So with his wife and child he fled,
Nor had he where to rest his head.”

The French wrecked havoc in the village and burnt homes of several innocent people to the ground. Consequently, the villagers were forced to migrate in search for shelter. Young Kaspar along with his parents fled to a different place but could not find a home because of the impending war. They had to roam from one place to another seeking rest.
Apparently, Kaspar’s suffering in the war did not affect his views or thinking about war much. Though he himself and his family suffered much, he held to his romantic ideals of war and maintained his stand to term the war a ‘great victory’.

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