Explain: “Where knowledge is free”.

QuestionsExplain: “Where knowledge is free”.
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Explain the following line from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ referring to context: “Where knowledge is free”.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Firstly, in ‘Where Knowledge is Free’ the poet means to say that in a truly independent and free country knowledge should be open to all. Everyone should have free access to knowledge. It should not be restricted to some portion of the society based on their class, caste, gender or any other barrier.

Secondly, children should not be forced to learn something. They should be given the freedom to choose what they learn, when they learn and how they learn. Real knowledge comes freely from Nature itself. We get that from the world around us, from our experiences. This is Tagore’s view of knowledge.

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Manav Shah answered 7 years ago

Where knowledge is free means that there would be free education available to all without any distinctions based on caste, creed, religion,etc. Here the education should not be the monopoly of only the rich and the elite. It should be freely available to the poor and ordinary folk.

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Veerawali answered 7 years ago

Tagore wishes for his homeland (India) that knowledge in his country should not be limited to any extend for any person. That means it should be free for all. It should not be the monopoly of upper class people. It should be devoid of any bias and available to people of every class. One must not enforce it on any one. Everyone must have the right to demand education.

Tagore in its true sense explains that our countrymen should awake and broaden their minds by enlightening it with the glow of Knowledge, which should not be restricted to any one in his country.

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Darsh doshi answered 7 years ago

Knowledge should be free for all. Everyone should have the rights to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the only way to emancipation and it can save us. It is a medium through which one can eradicate poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness. Knowledge is power and can lead to the development and prosperity of the country.

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Astha answered 2 years ago

By the line “where knowledge is free” the poet refer to easy access to education whither on is rich or poor. Will only the privileged few could effort a good education in the poet  the poet dreams of the land where everybody benefit from knowledge

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