Describe any two qualities Tagore wants to inculcate in his countrymen.

QuestionsDescribe any two qualities Tagore wants to inculcate in his countrymen.
Anubhav Gupta asked 7 years ago

Describe any two characteristics that the poet wants to inculcate in his country men?

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Tushar answered 7 years ago

The two qualities which the poet wants his country men to have in them is fearlessness and confidence. The poet says that he wants the people of his country to held their head high. But, how can it be. A person can only held his head high if he does not have fear of anyone in his heart and when he is confident within himself.


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Staff answered 7 years ago

I would say, the two most important characteristics that Tagore wishes to inculcate in his countrymen are hard work and broad-mindedness. These two qualities alone can probably make a man, and in turn, a nation successful.

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection.

Tagore wants in Where the Mind is Without Fear that people strive tirelessly to reach perfection. That would give a boost to the nation’s productivity and progress. Moreover, if a man is passionate about working and nothing else, he cannot get involved in useless things like gossiping, criticizing others and discriminating people on the basis of their race, religion, class and all. Work would become his only obsession. This was very important in the British India when the native people were lazy and neglecting their work and the poet felt that the country needed some motivation and a change in their attitude. And it is equally relevant even today. 

Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action.

The second quality, broadness of mind is also all about the change in attitude. Even today people are obsessed with their mean interests. Tagore realized, if people don’t help each other and a sense of unity is not developed among them, the nation can never progress. Not only that, a broad mind and a larger heart can give one endless joy of living among one’s fellow men. That would lead to a happy and peaceful life devoid of all social evils. 

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Ronit Kapoor answered 7 years ago

I Feel that Tagore wants his country free from any oppression or forced compulsion.He wishes that everyone in his country can hold their head high with respect. Gaining Independence would also give them the freedom to acquire knowledge and be self reliant, that was banned during the British rule.

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