How is tree planting a symbolic act of goodness?

QuestionsHow is tree planting a symbolic act of goodness?
aryan asked 6 years ago

How is tree planting a symbolic act of goodness as shown in the poem “The Heart of the Tree” by Henry Cuyler Bunner?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

Plantation is something that benefits not only the tree planter himself but also all the living objects on earth. Every creature including the human beings of present as well as future generations is directly or indirectly helped by the tree that is planted today.

Besides helping lives with oxygen, cool shade, rain and a greener and cleaner surrounding, plantation helps keep the natural ecosystem rolling. The tree planter also helps the future generations by planting a “forest’s heritage” and “harvest of a coming age”.

But for all this, the tree planter does not claim anything in return. Plantation can be perceived to be one of those rarest things that can be classified as purely selfless acts on earth. Even we, in the present generation, are getting the various benefits of trees which we do not know who had planted. Those people planting the trees around us had done so without thinking of getting anything from us in return. This only teaches the society to be selfless. Thus, plantation is an act that can change the attitude of the entire society to a positive and helpful one by motivating us to do something selfless for others. This is why planting a tree is a symbolic act of goodness.

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ADITI.VINOD.VAVILALA answered 5 years ago

Planting tree is a symbolic act of goodness as the planter plants the trees not only for himself but also for the future generations, and for the ones whom he doesn’t even know.

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