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What was the doctor’s reaction when he remembered his wife?

QuestionsWhat was the doctor’s reaction when he remembered his wife?
Harsh asked 3 years ago

In Vikram Seth’s poem ‘A doctor’s journal entry for August 6,1945’ what did the doctor do when he suddenly remembered his wife?

1 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

It took some time for the doctor to recover from the shock after the explosion hit the town. But he was really quick to come to his senses and remember his wife. The moment the thought “Where was my wife?” came to his mind, he became ‘alarmed’ and gave a shout to her by calling her name Yecko-San. The doctor says that his blood ‘gushed out’. That is to say, he was panicked and called out his wife again. And finally, when she came out looking pale and frightened, they got out quickly to go to the hospital.

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