Discuss the nature of the doctor’s injury and discomfort.

QuestionsDiscuss the nature of the doctor’s injury and discomfort.
Sounak Ghosh asked 7 years ago

Discuss the nature of injury and discomfort the doctor received due to the explosion in the poem A doctor’s journal entry for august 6,1945 by Vikram Seth.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

After the sudden flashes of the atomic explosion in Hiroshima, the narrator of the poem, the doctor received major physical injuries that not only created pain and discomfort, but also made the doctor unable to walk the distance to reach the hospital. We don’t know whether it was a fatal injury or not, whether he finally succumbed to it, but it was severe enough to leave him on the ground.

The injury was not only on a physical level, but it resulted in great mental agony. Like anyone else still alive there, he was in a kind of trauma. He struggled to understand what might have happened to them.

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