Characters in A Doctor’s Journal Entry

QuestionsCharacters in A Doctor’s Journal Entry
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Who are the characters in the poem ‘A Doctor’s Journal Entry for August 6, 1945’ by Vikram Seth? Who is narrating the poem?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The prominent characters are a doctor and his wife Yecko-san. The doctor’s name is unknown though. Moreover, there are some people on the street.

The doctor, the protagonist of the poem narrates the whole poem.

To put a short character sketch of the doctor, he was very alert and matter of fact. He recovers from the initial shock rather early and reminds his wife. He had a great heart and wanted to help his assistant in that distress, though it was not possible for their own helpless condition. He can take decisions quickly. He proved that again and again when he decided to go to the hospital, to leave the thought of helping his assistant and to let his wife go ahead of him when he could walk no more. The doctor also had a thoughtful mind. He was thinking of what might have happened when he was on his way to hospital. At least he could figure out that some strange thing had stripped them of their clothes. Not to miss the doctor’s mental strength when he says ‘my mind ran at high speed, my body crept behind’.

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