Role of the flowers in connecting life and death

QuestionsRole of the flowers in connecting life and death
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

How do the flowers connect life and death as indicated in Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘In The Bazaars of Hyderabad’? / What role does the flowers play at a wedding and a death ceremony?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The flowers are used to adorn the bride and the groom and to decorate their bed for the wedding night. This glorifies life. But the same flowers are used to perfume the deathbed of a man. Thus the flowers connect life and death, as the poet has presented it in the poem.

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Iona answered 7 years ago

Two events are mentioned in this poem: wedding and death. While flowers are used to glorify the wedding of a bride and groom, which signifies the starting of a new life, the same flower adorns a person’s deathbed signifying eternal peace

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Rushil answered 5 years ago

Flowers are used to weave crowns for the bride groom, as chaplets for his bed and even sheets of white blossoms for the grave of the dead. In this way flowers are used in every aspect of human life.

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