Why do you like the story “Journey by Night”?

QuestionsWhy do you like the story “Journey by Night”?
Roshan Vashista asked 6 years ago

Do you like the story “Journey by Night” by Norah Burke? Why?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

Norah Burke’s short story Journey by Night is a story of Sher Singh, a boy of twelve who displayed tremendous courage and determination and saved the live of his brother Kunwar by taking him to the hospital miles away overcoming all hurdles on the way. The story sings the triumph of human courage. Though the story shows the bravery and mental strength of “a child of the jungle”, it glorifies the inner potential of man and reminds us that we can do wonders if the motivation is strong enough. For this universal theme underlying an inspiring storyline, I can’t help liking the story.

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