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Do you like the story “Journey by Night” by Norah Burke? Why?

Last updated November 28, 2018

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Give a character sketch of the protagonist Sher Singh in the story “Journey by Night” by Norah Burke. Or, How can we describe Sher Singh and what words can we use to describe the character and nature of Sher Singh?

Last updated February 7, 2018

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Was Sher Singh’s achievement a result of some supernatural power in the story ‘Journey by Night’ by Norah Burke? If not, what?

Last updated January 11, 2018

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What do you think of the mental state Sher Singh was in during his journey in the story ‘Journey by Night’ by Norah burke?

Last updated December 18, 2017

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Describe how Sher Singh, the boy crossed the two rivers on the way to the hospital in Norah Burke’s short story ‘Journey by Night’.

Last updated November 20, 2017

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What picture do you get from the story Journey by Night of the life and hardship of the people living in the vicinity of the forest? Support your answer with suitable example from the text.

Last updated August 1, 2017

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With proper reference to the story discuss ‘Journey by Night’ by Ruskin Bond as a tale of triumph of human courage.

Last updated May 7, 2017

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