Why do you think children spend maximum time watching television?

QuestionsWhy do you think children spend maximum time watching television?
soujanya asked 6 years ago

Why, according to you, do children spend a lot of time watching TV, as raised by the poet Roald Dahl in his poem “Television”?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

Television presents an exact image of the world before us with its audio-visual capacity. It is interesting. And children are always curious to see something new. Moreover, while watching television, they are not burdened with any task. They can simply sit and enjoy it. They also find it as a relief from their routine of study. So, they prefer to spend maximum time watching TV.

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Aneja answered 4 years ago

because the children are obsessed with the television

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Pema kaleon answered 4 years ago

Because they are interested in it.

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Chaitanya chowdhury answered 3 years ago

A television was designed to attract maximum children towards the show. Be it cartoons or be it any documentary, the way of presentation of facts or stories influences the mind up to such an extent that the children get affected. They try to find escape routes or excuses to watch the television. This facet of technology has been strictly discouraged by Roald Dahl in the poem “Television”.

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