Why are the domestic walls called narrow?

QuestionsWhy are the domestic walls called narrow?
Navya asked 7 years ago

Why does the poet consider the domestic walls as ‘narrow’ in Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’?

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Jashan preet answered 7 years ago

People of India are divided into different castes, creed, colour and religion. Due to these walls of different castes, creed, colour and religion, our India is broken into pieces. This should be stopped since people can’t attain perfection with these.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Well, I think we have already answered it, though indirectly. Please follow this link https://englicist.com/questions/questions-on-narrow-domestic-walls and see the answer to part two In What Ways are the ‘narrow domestic walls’ harmful to a nation?

If you want a one-liner, the domestic walls or the divisions among people are obviously narrow as those create ill-feelings towards others and keep people away from one another.

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Anirudh answered 7 years ago

I think domestic walls are called narrow because foundation base of these wall is very weak and narrow, these narrow walls (caste,creed,religion,sex) are baseless and they are dividing our country’s unity

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Dinkar Maurya answered 7 years ago

i think that these walls are called narrow because caste, creed , religion and sex are the weapons of narrow minded people who just try to desintigrate the unity of our nation through their baseless thoughts

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Misty Anam answered 6 years ago

Domestic walls is called narrow because these walls I.e baseless superstition restrict the individuals to have a broad thinking. It makes one think of his own group of caste,creed or religion without bothering about the world. it breaks the unity and forms group

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