What does the expensive board games suggest about Indian society?

QuestionsWhat does the expensive board games suggest about Indian society?
mohamed asked 7 years ago

Who sells expensive board games in the poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’ by Sarojini Naidu? What indicates they are expensive?

What do the wares sold by the peddlers — chessman and ivory dice — suggest about indian society?

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2 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago
  • The pedlars are selling those expensive board games, the chessmen and the ivory dice.
  • The dices are made of ivory. That certainly makes them expensive.
  • The expensive board games suggest that some wealthy people like kings and nawabs had a lot of leisure hours and they enjoyed spending those hours by playing chess. Moreover, it represents their luxurious lifestyle, immense wealth of the city and the rich cultural tradition of the place.
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Arnav N Vasishta answered 2 years ago

The pedlars were selling expensive board games in the bazaars of Hyderabad. They were selling chess boards and dices made off ivory. The mention of the word makes it expensive. Not obly the kings and nizams bought them, but also the rich people of Hyderabad who enjoyed playing chess.

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