What is vulgar in the last lines of the poem “The professer”

QuestionsWhat is vulgar in the last lines of the poem “The professer”
Mdhussain asked 7 years ago

“The professor” written by Nissim Ezekiel. I have read at many places that there is vulgarism in the last 2 lines of this poem. If it is then what is it. Please help me. It will help me to critically analyze the poem.

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1 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

Vulgarity means bad taste or offensiveness. The professor’s way of invitation contains vulgarism, as I get it. The professor does not directly invite his student to his house. Rather, he says:

If you are coming again this way by chance,
Visit please my humble residence also.

This actually sounds quite weird and offensive. The use of ‘by chance’ gives a sense that the speaker would not even bother or rather be happy if he does not visit that place again. That is certainly not the most polite way to invite someone.

Moreover, the use of the words ‘opposite house’s backside’ brings in a sense of bad taste. The professor could have described it in more modest terms.

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