What is the message conveyed by the poem The Professor?

QuestionsWhat is the message conveyed by the poem The Professor?
harsh asked 7 years ago

Do you think that Nissim Ezekiel’s poem ‘The Professor’ has a message to deliver? If yes, what might be the message?

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2 Answers
Poulomi mukherjee answered 7 years ago

In the poem The professor the poet has sarcastically presented the Indian society, he has mocked at the Indian tradition, he has portrayed how the Indians judge a person by their economic success rather than the academic success. Although the professor is an educated intellectual, he speaks about the economic success of his two sons among whom one is a sales manager and the other is a bank manager and they both possess cars whereas he says that his younger son is a black sheep because he does not earn much as his other sons.

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Ninad Rao answered 7 years ago

It explores the urban thinking pattern of the Indians where success is measured on the basis of a person’s wealth, age, son’s jobs and establishment and daughter’s marriage in good family. The poet has shown that the Indians claim they are changing with time. There is no visible change in their thoughts though.

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