What are the figure of speech used in the poem The Professor?

QuestionsWhat are the figure of speech used in the poem The Professor?
Abhinav asked 7 years ago

Can you please elaborate the figures of speech that are used in Nissim Ezekiel’s poem The Professor?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The poem ‘The Professor’ is not really rich in figures of speech. But, if you ask for literary or poetic devices at a whole, then I can make a list here.

  1. The poem uses free verse with no fixed rhyme or rhythm followed.
  2. The poem uses the technique of dramatic monologue where a single speaker narrates everything in first person narrative in the presence of a silent listener.
  3. The poem uses irony, satire and humour at its best. Almost every line of the poem has some ironical and satirical tone. The poet actually hints at something else regarding the character traits or the stereotypes of the society when the professor reveals things in his conversation.
  4. In some places there are some rhetorical questions. For example, “Remember me? I am Professor Sheth.” or “How is your health keeping? Nicely?” These questions are not meant for answers.
  5. Some exaggerations or hyperbole may be seen in the lines like “our progress is progressing” and “everything is happening with leaps and bounds”.

Hope it helps. As a reader if you find some more instances, feel free to help others by submitting an answer. Thank you.

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