What is the ‘role assigned’ to the poet in I Believe?

QuestionsWhat is the ‘role assigned’ to the poet in I Believe?
Asim Chakraborty asked 7 years ago

In the poem ‘I Believe’ by Brucellish K Sangma, what is the ‘role assigned’ that the poet is talking about in the line “…I’ve to complete / The role assigned to me here”?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

I don’t think the poet indicates something exact in this context. “Role assigned’ to us is the work that we should do to succeed in our particular field. For students, the role is to study and explore the lessons well. For a doctor, the role is to give the patients a good treatment. For an author, the role is to think on various social issues or eternal truths and convey that through his or her writings. Again, we, in our real life, play more than one role in various stages in the life, or even simultaneously. More generally speaking, the role we are assigned to here on earth is to work well in whatever we do as a passion or profession, to make a contribution for the good of mankind. Stating that, the poet’s main point was that we should complete our duties at hand before we expect any achievement.

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Poo Poo Head answered 7 years ago

According to the summary I received, the poetess has been given the role of a mother, a daughter and a wife in a patriarchal society. They have to abide by the rules made by society and have to give up on their dreams. They have to let go of what “they believe” and  act according to what “others believe”.

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rupali answered 7 years ago

I think the role assigned  is to be thoughtful  people who would place the needs of the society before theirs  and try to achieve  things  which  are beneficial for all so that we can make the world a better place to live on.

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