What are the words like “heaven anigh”, “heaven’s harmony” & “towering high” indicative of?

QuestionsWhat are the words like “heaven anigh”, “heaven’s harmony” & “towering high” indicative of?
Zoya asked 3 years ago

What do the words like “heaven anigh”, “heaven’s harmony” & “towering high” indicate in the poem “The Heart of the Tree” by Henry Cuyler Bunner?

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Krishita Gwalani answered 3 years ago

Trees grow tall and wide. “Towering high” refers to the enormous height of the tree. Birds build their nests high up in the tree. When the mother bird sings it can be referred to as “heaven’s harmony” and “heaven anigh” because the beautiful song seems to come from heaven as the birds are high up in the tree and since the birds sing at twilight it seems like heaven at night.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

The use of the expressions ‘heaven anigh’, ‘heaven’s harmony’ and ‘towering high’ in the first stanza of the poem is aimed at giving an impression that the work of planting a tree is indeed a heavenly and glorious deed.

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Mannat answered 3 years ago

It shows the divinity of the task of planting a tree.

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