Is the Title of the poem Nine Gold Medals appropriate?

QuestionsIs the Title of the poem Nine Gold Medals appropriate?
Sarto Chauhan asked 7 years ago

Do you think the title of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ by David Roth appropriate?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

David Roth’s poem “Nine Gold Medals” deals with an incident which happened at a Special Olympic race. One of the runners fell down on the track and other eight participants who were ahead of him stopped and returned back to help the fallen one stand on his feet. Then they walked hand-in-hand to complete the race. It was a great display of human compassion. This incident conveyed a great message to the humanity that the world needs more cooperation and collaboration instead of competition now. After that each of the nine athletes was given a gold medal as a recognition of the display of empathy and compassion. They made the Special Olympics really ‘special’.

Now, the title ‘Nine Gold Medals’ conveys the theme of the poem well. This title has made the poem more interesting and memorable. The title can arouse our curiosity as to who won the nine gold medals and for what. The poem has the answer. Moreover, the gold medals are here not awarded for winning a contest in its typical sense, but there is an interesting, heart-touching story in it. Those nine athletes have not won a game, but have won our hearts. They seem more eligible to get gold medals for their golden show of humanity. Thus the title not only reveals the subject-matter of the poem, but also carries a delicate symbol. So, I’d say this is very much just and apt.

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YASHASVI SRIVASTAVA answered 4 years ago

According to me the title of the poem ”Nine Gold Medals” actually carries a lot of meaning in it. It arouses a curiosity in the mind of the readers as to who would have been awarded the gold medal but the story is entirely different in a typical manner. It’s about how, when the pistol was exploded, the race got started and all the nine athletes charged ahead on their respective tracks that there happened an unexpected thing, the shortest of all the contestants stumbled, staggered and fell down on his knees to the ground, the Asphalt track. While all the remaining eight athletes, despite undergoing months of strenuous hard work and training, returned and helped the fallen one, continued and finished the race.

The athletes were not awarded for winning the race but they were appreciated and honoured for the recognition of the outstanding display of human compassion, cooperation, collaboration and true sportsman spirit. They had touched the hearts of each of the members present in the congregation. Here, we find that the whole concept of the poem revolves around the athletes and the medals. So I conclude saying that the title is very much distinctive, impeccable, indefectible and apt.

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Kishsn answered 2 years ago

The poem “Nine Gold Medals” composed by David Roth stresses upon the importance of sharing and caring in human lives rather than just winning and achieving. It is based on the theme of spirit of sportsmanship.

On the final event of the day many athletes from different countries gathered together to run for gold. They practised hard for it. The nine athletes took their positions, and as the signal came, they started running. But a young athlete stumbled and staggered. The remaining 8 athletes returned back to pick that young athlete without caring about what if they lose the gold. However all nine runners finished their race at once and all nine runners got the gold medals. And the banner above that read “Special Olympics” could not have been more appropriate.

So, basically, this poem shows that sharing and caring is more important than winning and achieving, and so, all the nine athletes were capable enough to get the gold medals. Thus, it is proved that The title of the poem “Nine Gold Medals” is appropriate for this story.

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Lily answered 1 year ago

The title of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ is very appropriate and suggestive. It reflects the main theme of the poem. Only one gold medal is generally given to the first winner in a sports event. But in the race described in the poem the nine participants are awarded nine medals for being so helpful and empathetic. All nine gold medals become symbolic of the victory of human values.

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