What is the central idea or theme of the poem The Bangle Sellers?

QuestionsWhat is the central idea or theme of the poem The Bangle Sellers?
Fathima asked 7 years ago

Bring out the main idea / theme / central idea / message of the poem “The Bangle Sellers” by Sarojini Naidu.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

In Sarojini Naidu’s poem “The Bangle Sellers“, some bangle sellers go to the temple fair to sell their bangles. They shout their trade cry by glorifying those bangles and describing their colours and suitability for girls and women of various ages.
The main idea is to present the stages of woman life and the cultural tradition of a typical Indian society of the poet’s time. The bangles are compared with natural objects to symbolize the feelings and emotions attached with the life of Indian women and the roles played by the bangles.

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Manaswini Reddy Kaipu answered 4 years ago

The theme of the poem is the celebration of indian womanhood.

Sarojini Naidu describes each stage of an indian woman with a colour that is suitable. The poem shows the life of an indian woman from a dreamy maiden to an excited bride and then to a faithful wife. The bangle sellers say that they have silver and blue bangles such as the mountain mist and pink bangles such as a blooming flower fit for a maidens wrist. They say that they have red and yellow bangles for bride like their innocent laughter and tears . They tell that they have purple and gold flecked grey which shows the coming maturity for a married woman who cradled children and worships the gods at her husbands side.

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Priya Prakash answered 4 years ago

The poem Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu portrays the rich and vibrant tradition and colourful various stages of womanhood. The poem brings forth the significance of bangles in various occasions in a woman’s life. The woman and their emotions at each stage of her life is connected to different colours of bangles.

The poem also flashes light to the culture and traditions that existed during the period of the poet. In order to bring those into light the poet has used various images and suitable words. The poem also shows how much significance bangles had in various stages of a woman’s life. The poem is a celebration of womanhood as a whole.

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Ananya answered 4 years ago

The poem “The Bangle Sellers” was written by Sarojini Naidu. The main idea or theme of the poem is to showcase and explain about various stages involved in woman life. They talk about cultural tradition of Indian society during poet’s period. There were few bangle sellers who used to go for the temple fair to sell bangles. They used to shout at the fair, to trade mark their product and to describe the colors of bangles. The poet has tried to compare bangles with natural objects. She has tried to symbolize feelings and emotions of women.

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Vedika Sharma answered 4 years ago

The theme of the beautiful poem is to show and explain the different stages of woman from a maiden to mature married woman.

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