Similarities between different characters in Merchant of Venice

QuestionsSimilarities between different characters in Merchant of Venice
Virina asked 7 years ago

What are the similarities between the different characters in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice (E.g. Portia and Antonio)?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

In Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice there are some similarities between different characters, though those are not that that prominent in all cases.

Portia and Antonio share some similarities in terms of their melancholy moods, their selfless nature and their love for Bassanio. Again, If Portia and Bassanio share some similarities in the form of their feelings, thoughts and wisdom and supiriority over others, Nerissa and Gratiano play their perfect foil in terms of their inferiority and supporting roles. And these similarities are indeed heightened by the playwright in the end when both the couple marry.

Again, there are similarity in three families. The relationship between Portia and her father, Jessica and Shylock, and Launcelot and his father Gobbo are somewhat similar. All the three fathers love their children. Shylock and Portia’s father wishes to control their daughters, though Jessica is a complete foil to Portia in her obedience to her father. Again, Gobbo and Shylock both cannot understand their children that much. To turn to the minor characters, Salerino and Solanio look similar.

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