Why Bassanio took Launcelot into his service?

QuestionsWhy Bassanio took Launcelot into his service?
Ishank Singh asked 11 months ago

What was the reason behind Bassanio taking Launcelot into his service in William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘The Merchant of Venice’?

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Jayanta K Maity Staff answered 8 months ago

I think it was not Bassanio taking Launcelot into service, but Launcelot himself asking to serve for him. And Bassanio was a good man, kind and generous. So, he didn’t reject him. 
Another point here could be that Launcelot was a Christian formerly working under the Jew, Shylock. So, it was an opportunity to save a Christian from the hands of a Jew whom all Christians hated. 
Did I miss anything here?

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