Chief Seattle’s views on untimely destruction of the Red Indians.

QuestionsChief Seattle’s views on untimely destruction of the Red Indians.
Debraj Kayal asked 7 years ago

What does Chief Seattle think on the premature doom of his tribe, the Red Indians?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

In his famous speech of 1854, Seattle expresses his opinions on the untimely destruction of his race. Mainly he accuses the White people for forcing their way into the Red people. They don’t show enough respect for the culture and traditions of the Red people. They do not even respect their land rights and human rights. Thus they have intensified the doom of the tribal people. Seattle’s speech indeed has been a documentation on how the White people has brought their doom.

Not only that, there were external attacks on the native children, women and old people. Neither the God, nor the White men have been kind enough to love or to protect their race.

According to him, the impulsive and angry attitude of the native youths has a share in their fall too. They have often chosen the way of hostility instead of the way of reconciliation, even at the cost of their lives.

Finally, Seattle says that this impending doom of their tribe is not something that they alone face. Rather death and decay is the common destiny for all in this world. So, the white people will also see this destruction sooner or later.

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