How to score big in ICSE board exams?

QuestionsHow to score big in ICSE board exams?
Harsh Birmiwal asked 7 years ago

What steps should i take to score good marks in icse boards.

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1 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

There’s no way that automagically gets you a higher score. But yes, there are certain things that you should take care of, regardless of your board:

  1. Read your text books time and again.
  2. Note down those things that your teachers repeat or often talk about. Those are really important points.
  3. Try to be original. Never write answers that exactly match with your friends’ answers.
  4. Don’t repeat the same point unnecessarily in your answer.
  5. Be careful with your grammar, spelling and punctuation marks.
  6. Don’t try to find a shortcut to success. There isn’t any.

Well, I cannot say anything specific to the board. But for writing a quality answer to a literature question you should have a good grasp of the theme of a text.

  1. First, try to understand, what the questioner actually wants to hear from you, what they want you to write.
  2. Frame a draft answer in your mind.
  3. Start with a good introduction.
  4. Write your answer mentioning as many points as you can. But don’t include unrelated points or ideas.
  5. Write in third person narrative. Include a few quotes from the text in your answer.
  6. Finally finish it with a good conclusion summing up your views.

That’s it. I hope it helps.

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