What do the goldsmiths make and for whom?

QuestionsWhat do the goldsmiths make and for whom?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What are goldsmiths renowned for? Give an example from the poem to justify your answer. Who are the patrons of the goldsmith? What does he make for them?

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2 Answers
Arunadhi answered 6 years ago

Goldsmiths make-
1. Gold ornaments like anklet, wristlet and rings.
2. Golden delicate and light-weight bells for pigeon’s feet
3. Gold waist chains called girdles for dancers
4. gold sword covers known as sheaths for kings

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Staff answered 7 years ago
  • The goldsmiths are renowned for making jewelleries for personal adornment.
  • They are making wristlet, anklet and ring for an example.
  • The rich people, dancers and the king are the patrons as noted in the poem.
  • Goldsmiths are making jewelleries for personal adornment and chain for the feet of blue pigeons. All these are for rich people like nobles and kings. They are also making golden girdles for the dancers and golden sheaths for keeping the king’s swords.
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