How is this bazaar different from a supermarket?

QuestionsHow is this bazaar different from a supermarket?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What makes the bazaar in Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’ different from a supermarket?

Or, How are the bazaars of today different from the one described by Sarojini Naidu in her poem?

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3 Answers
Sanket answered 7 years ago

Bazaar is very much different from supermarket. It is because the way of buying things in market is very different than that of supermarket. Buying in market place shows our culture and the typical style of Indians but in supermarket it is western style of buying things.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The bazaar presented in the poem is in many ways different from a supermarket. In a modern-day supermarket there is no trade cry as seen in an open market depicted in the poem. A supermarket is also run and managed by trained professionals with a businesslike attitude, where this bazaar consists of people who has taken this profession as a tradition to earn their living. Moreover, in a supermarket there are imported foreign products and most of them are artificially produced, but in this bazaar all the products are native and produced from natural objects and hence has a touch of tradition.

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snehaa answered 7 years ago

A bazaar is set up in an open space where each one of them can set up a shop of their own, and they try to sell their products at a cheaper rate than the other persons. Whereas, a supermarket has a closed atmosphere and is run by a single owner or person and is a single shop where you get everything. In a supermarket the products are arranged in a systematic manner, whereas in a bazaar in random order. A supermarket is more secure than a bazaar as it is secured by cctv cameras and security at the entrance and exit. Bazaars do not have a security system scheme. In both you get all the daily requirements you need. In bazaars we have different entertainments that take place there but not in supermarkets, and also a bazaar is nosier than a supermarket. This is the contrast between a bazaar and supermareket.

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