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How did Tagore inspire the Indians in “Where the Mind is Without Fear”?

QuestionsHow did Tagore inspire the Indians in “Where the Mind is Without Fear”?
Flash asked 3 years ago

Where the mind is without fear – Rabindranath Tagore

1 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

In the poem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ Rabindranath Tagore inspired his countrymen by suggesting the idea of a ‘heaven of freedom‘ for his country. He conveyed his message that if the Indians had to realise freedom in its truest sense, they needed to improve themselves in terms of character, personality and attitude.
Tagore maintained that a sense of dignity, knowledge, harmony among different sections of the society, logical thinking, truthfulness, hard work, and a broad heart were important in enjoying their freedom to the fullest and in the progress of the country. Otherwise, mere political freedom would not make much difference. 
Undoubtedly, Tagore’s idea of the heavenly freedom has inspired many people since then and continues to inspire us too. 

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