Is Nine Gold Medals only a poem about special Olympics? Comment Critically.

QuestionsIs Nine Gold Medals only a poem about special Olympics? Comment Critically.
kate asked 6 years ago

Do you think that David Roth’s song “Nine Gold Medals” is all about a special Olympics event? Critically comment on this.

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2 Answers
Staff answered 6 years ago

The poem “Nine Gold Medals” is not really about a special Olympic event but about the human compassion and cooperation and about the sportsmanship the eight athletes showed in that particular event when they stopped and came back to help the fallen runner stand on his feet and all went to the finishing line walking hand in hand.
In an age of growing competition and enmity, the poet merely uses this incident to deliver his message that the world now needs more cooperation than competition. By giving the nine athletes one gold medal each, the authority wanted to convey that true sportsman spirit should always be rewarded. So, in its theme and message, the poem transcends the boundaries of time and space.

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Mehak answered 5 years ago

The message of the poem is empathy. The theme of the poem is a message to humanity. The world now needs no more competition but more collaboration. It is very much relevant in today’s time in which we have forgotten to help each other. We are now living a rat race life and wish to outshine others in every field. Sports is not about losing or winning, it’s about cooperation, sharing, teamwork and complement. The special Olympics thus portray this idea.

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