What message does the poem Nine Gold Medals give?

QuestionsWhat message does the poem Nine Gold Medals give?
Dhyey Vachhani asked 2 years ago

What message does the poet convey in the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ by David Roth?

Or, What is the theme of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ by David Roth?

Or, On reading the poem “Nine Gold Medals” what do the students learn about the values of kindness, cooperation and empathy?

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Sanjana Sridhar answered 2 years ago

The poem Nine Gold Medals is a beautiful poem depicting the companionship of all the 8 athletes. The runners have truly justified the spirit of Special Olympics with their gestures of empathy, sportsmanship and consideration. According to me the message of the poem Nine Gold Medals by David Roth is it doesn’t require for people to be from a country or a place to show kindness and sportsmanship. It also gives us a message that being selfless and helping others can do a lot of good not only to the person who is being helped but also to the person who is helping.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

David Roth’s poem depicts the human compassion and sportsman spirit eight differently abled athletes showed in a Special Olympics racing event. When one of the nine runners fell to the ground, the others stopped and came back to lift the fallen one and support him. This was an outstanding display of collaboration and cooperation, for which each of them was awarded with a gold medal. The message conveyed by the poet here is that the world now needs more cooperation and collaboration than competition.

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Shreya Priya Singh answered 1 year ago

The poet’s message was to maintain collaboration and co-operation.

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Subramanian answered 9 months ago

The poet conveys through the poem that we should be helpful, cooperating and we should understand other’s feelings.

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Hansika answered 2 weeks ago

The poem Nine Gold Medals celebrates the true spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, collaboration and kindness towards other humans. The poet David Roth strongly emphasises on the fact that winning is not more important than participating. The generous and kind behaviour of the 8 athletes towards their fellow participant helped them win the applause of the spectators. Though each one of them had practised so hard for the event, when the youngest contestant falls down they put aside their efforts and continue to help the lad. This shows that the world today does not need competition but cooperation and collaboration with others. Hope it helps !!

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Filango answered 1 day ago

Hi bro just close your eyes and feel the poem  u will know its value

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