What impact do the daffodils have on Wordsworth?

QuestionsWhat impact do the daffodils have on Wordsworth?
Neha panjiyar asked 2 years ago

What impression did the flowers leave on the poet in the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”/ “The Daffodils”?

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Sudhiksha Pinisetti answered 4 months ago

The daffodils had an everlasting impact on the poet, William Wordsworth. Whenever he felt ‘dejected or depressed’, he would remember the field of daffodils and have tender thoughts for them. This brought him out of his depressed state. Whenever he would be bored or in a thoughtful mood, he would remember the daffodils which brought a smile to his face and love in his heart.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

William Wordsworth is popularly known as a nature-lover and this small poem has probably had a great role in establishing that image. As he expresses in his poem, the daffodils left a great impression on him. He was so much moved that he went on to personify the flowers — “dancing in the breeze”, “tossing their heads” etc. Secondly, to express his emotions the poet has exaggerated the flowers saying “when all at once I saw a crowd” and “they stretched in never-ending line”.

Thirdly, the poet has repeatedly talked about his happiness in the company of the flowers. “sprightly dance”, “out-did the sparkling waves in glee”, “a poet could not but be gay/ in such a jocund company”, “my heart with pleasure fills” — the positive aura flows throughout the poem. So charmed was he that he “gazed and gazed” towards the daffodils. And those flowers flashed upon his inward eyes long after the scene was gone. The memory of the flowers remained with him as “the bliss of solitude“.

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