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How does the poet enjoy solitude in the poem Daffodils?

QuestionsHow does the poet enjoy solitude in the poem Daffodils?
sagnik asked 2 years ago

How does Wordsworth enjoy his solitude as revealed in the poem “Daffodils”?

2 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 1 year ago

As the poet states in his poem, he enjoys his lonely hours by lying on his couch and relishing the memory of the daffodils he had seen the other day in the valley. The thought of the flowers fills his mind with pleasure and he calls it a ‘bliss of solitude‘.

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Shayan answered 5 months ago

The  poet mentions in the last stanza that the sight of the daffodils brings him great joy and oft (often) when he lies on his couch …. the  daffodils flash upon his inward eye (memory) ….and this fills his heart with pleasure and this is the “bliss of solitude”.

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