Why does the sight of daffodils come to poet’s mind later in the poem?

QuestionsWhy does the sight of daffodils come to poet’s mind later in the poem?
Mohammed hassan asked 7 years ago

In the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth, why do the flowers flash upon his inward eye?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The poet Wordsworth was so much moved by the beauty of those flowers that they left an everlasting impact on his mind. That is why whenever he is in pensive or vacant mood, the daffodils “flash upon that inward eye” of the poet. 
Actually the poet is a nature lover and beauty of nature attracts him more than anything else. He is somewhat obsessed with the fair aspects of nature. This is why it happens to him. He loves to remind those daffodils and be happy with them whenever he is sad. He finds some solace in those flowers.

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Tiayasha Chatterjee answered 5 years ago

This is because the sight was imagined by the poet whenever he was in pensive or vacant mood.

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NITESH SINGH answered 5 years ago

The sight of golden daffodils used to come to the poet’s mind because the sight had a very big impact on his mind. This was also possible because he was a nature lover.

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Nirvan Rinchen Lama answered 3 years ago

When the poet is sad or in a depressed mood, he recalls his experience visualising the beautiful “golden daffodils” that brings him joy and cheers him up during his times of downfall and deprived moments.

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