How does the poem I Believe present a three fold world?

QuestionsHow does the poem I Believe present a three fold world?
Atul singh asked 7 years ago

What does the poet believe to achieve in all the three realms of the universe – the atmosphere, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere? How does she go on to prove that our life should not be about personal happiness but happiness for all?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The poet advises us to believe that we can go to the top and be the best in all the three spheres of the earth. In atmosphere she believes she can ‘pierce the heavens’, ‘touch the silky clouds’ and ‘feel the stars’. In Hydrosphere she believes she can ‘dive into the depths and swim with sharks’. In Lithosphere, she is confident to ‘pick up the priceless gems’ from the ‘earth’s belly’ to adorn herself.

The poetess goes on to say that our goal is not only personal happiness, but happiness for all in the very last stanza when she says ‘I’ve to complete / The role assigned to me here / Where I dream and breathe.‘ She does not want to work for her own success only. She wants to work for the humanity, for the people among whom she lives.

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