The cold within james patrick kinney

The Cold Within

by James Patrick Kinney

What character traits would you associate with the first and the next man? why?

QuestionsWhat character traits would you associate with the first and the next man? why?
Samuel asked 5 years ago

What do you think of the first and the next man in James Kinney’s poem The Cold Within? Give reasons.

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3 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 5 years ago

The first person in the poem The Cold Within was a White woman. She “held hers back/ For, of the faces round the fire,/ She noticed one was black.” This is indicative enough of the racial hatred of the White woman for the black man. She was simply prejudiced over colour of people.
The next man was a bigot. This is clear from his hatred for a man who was “not of his church”. That was the reason why he “could not bring himself to give/ The fire his stick of birch.” This is bigotry, intolerance of opinions other than him.

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Rinky Sah answered 1 year ago

The first person was a white woman who held back her log because she saw a face around the fire was black. so she did not give her log in the dying fire.

And the next man did not give his log in the dying fire because he found that no one was from his church.

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Sssss answered 12 months ago

The first one was a white woman who was prejudiced over skin colour of people. She holds her log back as she finds a face in the group is black.

The next man is a bigot, who discriminates on the basis of religion. He holds his log back as he finds a man not of his church (religion, Christianity).

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